A life-changing online program for the busy professional to help you work distraction-free in order to spend more time doing the activities you enjoy, with the people you love.

Meet the Creator of Distraction Freedom

Meet the Creator of Distraction Freedom

  • Is it becoming more and more difficult to get your work done without being distracted?

  • Do other people, emails, social media notifications, chat, Slack get in the way of your work?

  • Have you tried to block off time, close the door, tell people not to disturb you, but they didn’t seem to take any notice?  

  • Do emails and phone notifications constantly distract you?

  • Discover the joy of working in a distraction-free environment 

  • Complete your tasks efficiently, to the highest standard & achieve better results

  • Become more effective in your work overall and feel good at the end of the day

  • Increase your quality of life by setting healthy boundaries and enjoy gold medal-winning weeks.

Past Participants Have Great Things to Say:

Distraction Freedom is an 8-week self-paced online program with video modules, homework, downloads and group accountability. Participants receive 1:1 professional coaching. Distraction Freedom helps busy professionals finish their work on time so they can enjoy doing the activities they enjoy with the people they love.

"Never before have professionals had a proven system available to help them work in a distraction-free environment. It's not the communications that are the problem: it's the expectation from our managers and ourselves, that we react immediately, even when there is no need to do so."


You may say to yourself, "I have enough on my plate as it is, I really don't need another distraction from my work right now!"


Fair enough, but just think of what Distraction Freedom offers you: the creation of a Focus Zone system designed specifically to support your lifestyle by overcoming your unique challenges, in just 8 weeks. Distraction Freedom is jet fuel for an optimized personal and professional life.

People have also said, "I can probably fix this myself": then why haven't they done it already? What are they waiting for? Are you able to coach yourself or do you want a professional coach and accountability with a proven program?

Each lesson we dig deeper into specific aspects of creating your Focus Zone system. Over the course of the program you will have time to consider how to apply the skills and share successes and challenges with your cohort who share the same goals. You will also have the opportunity to fully implement your system, then report back on how it went and gather feedback on moving forward and its application to your working routines.

As a graduate, you will be empowered to do profound work efficiently with a meditative mindset. Your Focus Zone is where your unique brilliance shines the brightest, offering tremendous satisfaction and gold medal-winning weeks.

Paul's Story:

How It All Started

"As a professional facilitator and coach, I noticed that people are not able to focus in sessions: they are checking their phones and responding to texts and reacting to social media when they should be listening and participating.

Working as a corporate executive, my team members were struggling to meet what I thought were routine deadlines, and when I looked at their work patterns I realized they were allowing themselves to be distracted to a point where they were unable to focus on a project for more than a few minutes at a time.

Focusing has never been a problem for me - I have always naturally been able to apply myself and work very efficiently. In my spare time I have trained for 5 Ironman Triathlons and organized numerous charitable fund-raising events in addition to fulfilling my family responsibilities.


When I did my research, it was clear to see just how big a problem distractions have become in everyday life, where people often feel behind, overwhelmed and exhausted, meaning they don’t finish work on time and instead allow it to spread into evenings and weekends.

That's when I decided to create a system that empowers people to lead a distraction-free existence. My proven methodology offers real transformation for people who are ready to make a change and reclaim their quality of life."

Register for the March Cohort until March 12, 2021

Distraction Freedom will help you create a system that will enable you to work in an environment without distractions, in order to be more productive and work to a higher level.   

Course Features:

Self-Guided Video Modules

Live Weekly Group Support

Homework Assignments and Accountability

Exercises and Downloads

Next session launches the week of March 8-12, 2021

What is the time commitment?

While you will have access to all modules and group support sessions for a full year, we recommend pacing yourself at one module per week, giving yourself time to integrate your learnings into your lifestyle and attend weekly group support sessions.


A time commitment of about 2 hours per week will allow you to complete the program within a typical 8 week timeframe.

Course Extras:

 One-on-One Professional Coaching

Access to a private support group

‘Hotline’ for questions

One Year access to all materials and group support sessions

"At the end of the day, when I put everything into practice, myself and my whole team will have more time for ourselves so we can enjoy our evenings, our weekends, lunch breaks and our work time won't spill into the rest of our lives"   

Kaylyn Sutcliffe

Manager, Canadian Cancer Society


Distraction Freedom complete program

USD $497

Earlybird pricing USD $447


Corporate Group Rate (minimum 10)

USD $347

Meet your instructor, Paul weston

Acclaimed leadership development professional and creator of Distraction Freedom, Paul Weston is passionate about quality of life: professional, social and personal. He has been a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator in many diverse learning environments worldwide.

After retiring from a 26-year career as a Royal Marines officer in Britain, he moved to the arena of the North American corporate world and coached executives and teams through the Crestcom International global leadership development program, as well as through his own companies, Tempo1 Solutions and Andrew Jane Consulting.

Paul is a 5-time Ironman Triathlete and International Duathlete. He is also a passionate volunteer fundraiser for various charities and has chaired a number of Not-For-Profit Boards of Directors. His book Running in the Rain is coming out in January 27, 2021.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you complete the program and don't feel you've met your objectives, we will provide one-on-one private coaching to get you to where you want to be.

Distraction Freedom self-paced online program to eliminate distractions and interruptions. One year access.

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Regular price $497

Earlybird pricing $447

Corporate group rate $347 (minimum 10)

(all prices in US dollars)

Online Video Training Modules

Exercises & Accountability

Live weekly group support calls**

1:1 Private Coaching


Next Cohort Starts the week of March 8, 2021*

* Distraction Freedom is offered bi-monthly. Cohorts begin in January, March, May, July, September and November.


** Live group support calls take place on the Zoom platform, where we review the material for each of 6 modules.  These live group calls will take place every Tuesday for 6 weeks - from 2:00-3:00pm EST. Participants receive a calendar invitation for these calls. All live calls will be recorded and made available to participants, in case it is not possible to attend live.